9mm 115 Gr Lead Load Data 9mm 115 Gr Lead Load DataTrail Boss is based on new technology that allows very-high loading density, good flow through powder measures, stability in severe temperature variation, and, most importantly, additional …. My HiPoint 9mm Carbines love the. THAN USE THE HORNADY 147GR FMJ FOR 25 YDS. Go-to powders are BE and 231, anywhere from 3. (Federal primers) Since I was new, I started at the minimum recommended levels: 4. I am reloading 9MM using Red Dot & Winchester WSP primers. 9 grains of Universal as maximum. Jacketed bullets range from about 0. Originally developed by Al Dorman, the recipe was 4. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Hodgdon CFE Pistol Data). Reloaded on my Hornady Lock-n-Load AP. Recoil would be greater, and greater slide velocity may lead to malfunctions. I used info from Lyman 50th edition reloading manual page 398 for a 115 gr XTP round as they don't list rn. Universal, Clays and HS6 are from Hodgdon and similar to Bullseye and Unique. Unique is a very consistent burning powder and it is almost a tossup with the heavier bullets. 9mm 115 Grain, Round Nose, Beveled Base, No Lube Groove">9mm 115 Grain, Round Nose, Beveled Base, No Lube Groove. In today’s digital age, protecting sensitive information is crucial. I need some advice on 9mm reloads!!!. 5 grains = 1130 fps NOTE: Speer Bullets lists 8. While not ideal for minor loads, I found #5 to be almost identical to HS6 for 9 major loads. 9MM Luger 115 grain Jacketed Bullseye start at 4 grains and work up to 4. 0gr WW231, ~136PF (one of my two standard 9mm minor loads) 147gr Berrys Plated RN @ 1. Working with 147 grain lead, coated, plated, jacketed hollow points and Titegroup, Unique, Blue Dot, AA#5 and one or two more powders and not having any luck getting groups that come close to the 115 grain groups. HS-6 pushed the 115-grain bullet to over 1400 fps and the 125-grain bullet to over 1300 fps. This should give you a power factor of about 131-137 depending on your barrel. Best powder for 147gr loads?. Using a 5" STI Trojan 9mm and Power Pistol I get: 4. 35 caliber typically range from 0. RCBS Cast Bullet Manual #1 shows the starting load of 3. My favorite 9 mm load: 124 grain FMJ round nosed bullet (any) 6. This is the kind of thing that can help get suppressors removed from the NFA. Loads for 9 MM Luger: (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start. Oal varies quite a lot in 9mm; RN, TC, diff shaped ogive. 9mm Luger w/ 115 RN w/ IMR 700-x Load Information. I actually had some other bullets and figured why not try out the…. Once I tried using coated bullets I never went back to plated. I have seen Power Pistol data as high as 6. Berry's 147 Grain 9mm hollow point bullets have a swaged lead …. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer's website. Load Recommendation 9mm with Titegroup (Hodgdon), 115 Grain CP Round. True Blue left, Silhouette middle, HS-6 right. The step-by-step way to reload 9mm ammo. My WSF load tests, various projectiles, a few guns. 005) 115 Grain JHP In Pet Loads, Ken Waters runs a 115 grain bullet at 1247 fps with SR 7625 and says it is the most accurate load in that bullet. I very rarely run max loads so I dropped down to 4. Top 20 Data Entry Services in Mumbai. Four great bullets for the four great powders I had selected to review. EE is one of the leading mobile network providers in the UK, offering a wide range of monthly plans to suit the needs of different customers. My last load with 115 gr plated (Berry's). projectile is not 100% same and b. Interesting that the plated heads shot as fast with. 360 inch (cast or swaged lead) in diameter. Ramshot even lists +P loads for it. Load data for Rocky Mountain Reloading 115 Gr FMJ. I tested handloads with polymer-coated Black and Blue lead 147 grain bullets of the same shape that also measured 0. Today I ran Rainer 124gr FMJ and 124 XTP over 4. favorite 9mm load using Unique and 115 gr jacketed bullet. 5 Loads to Change Your Mind About the 9mm. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email at sales@thebluebullets. A specialized copper jacket completely encapsulates the lead core of Speer® Plinker handgun bullets. Starting load for Titegroup with 115FMJs is 4. Published data from Winchester/Hodgdon lists 3. 2 grain for either with a standard Federal primer at 1. I love HS6 in 9mm and have use it for quite a few years. 6 grains - but that was with a FMJ bullet. The issue for me at this point is how accurately various powders meter. Where there is ONLY ONE load, these are ALL MAXIMUM LOADS: Start at 10% less and work up! Bullet size is. " The following 115gr PRNs OAL 1. That brings our total number of loads tested across all pistol calibers …. They did, however, load the 115 gr. 99 Sellier & Bellot 9mm Ammo - 1000 Rounds of 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition: $246. We took guesses and worked up for loads below 115 grain bullets to learn about it. Don't see a load you want to use or want to input your own?. Become a Load Data member, access over 311,213 load recipies. Trying to determine correct depth/length and powder weight for a 9mm. So i just purchased some 115gr JHP 9mm bullets and looked at alliants website for load data. Lbs,MAX Grains,MAX Velocity,Ft. I started at nearly the same point: Hodgdon Universal, Berry's 115 gr RN. 0gr WW231, ~136PF (one of my two standard 9mm minor loads). Many foreign producers otter tine tirearms in the 9mm huger. 9mm 115 JHP w/231 powder starting load of 3. 6 grains depending on your barrel and the bullet to get to 132PF. 00 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings. Modeled after the legendary XTP ® bullet design, HAP ® bullets are further refined into the perfect competition projectile. In 1908, the rest of the German military started using the 9mm caliber. JHP useing 231 powder start load of 2. BLACK 9mm 115 Grain Round Nose - Coated - 1000ct. I will be loading some 9mm /115 gr coated cast bullets from Missouri BulletCompany, and will be using Bullseye powder. 2 gr, 230 gr lead, low recoil, 1. Was told by (unnamed official) at recent Glock match "G34 was designed for 124 FMJ at 1200 fps. I will be using a Glock 19 with this ammo and I am thinking of a 9mm carbine/rifle later on as well due to the ease of reloading the 9mm. According to Hodgdon's website, HP-38 has a start load of 4. 170" from the Lee data - this loads and cycles in my G19 with no issues. There’s a good selection of 9mm/. 359 140 FN, H&G 12B, Lyman 358212, Redding/SAECO 929, Redding/SAECO 910, RCBS 9mm-147-FN, Lyman 358311. Your most accurate 9mm load. For years (starting 1993) I've been loading 6. 25" and 1045fps avg out of the M&P9L 5" both using a KKM barrel. N340 is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1,0mm length and 0,8 mm diameter. 500+ rounds of freedom munitions 115 gr RN reman 9mm without a failure to fire or …. Questions for some experienced reloaders. I always kept to the upper end of recommended cast loads (as published by Hodgdon). Need data for 115Gr FMJ 9mm bullet w/Unique powder. 357 brass they will be dirtier than normal and might start getting erratic velocities on the low side. You might think about getting several different reloading manuels to have on hand. They cycle the machine guns reliably and the 9mm S&W 3914 seems happy. It is a little above 1/2 way on the power curve. If it were ME, I would start at 4. However, here are my picks of my favorite self-defense rounds. The load data from Hornady of course doesn't list WSF, but that is the data sheet for the 115gr Hornady bullets I have. With AUTOCOMP, competitors get off faster shots with minimal muzzle flash. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (using ACME coated bullets) reloading data with 13 loads. Brettitt41 wrote: I shoot the Lee 105 LSWC in my 9mm 1911 and my everday 9's. 355 115 gr Full Metal Jacket Flat Base (FMJFB) 100 Per Box. SR 7625 might also be a good choice for lead bullets …. Forcing cone fit means that the bullet seats into the forcing cone or leade when chambered. Planned to use Accurate #5 as I've been happy with it. 356 Diameter 9mm Parabellum 124 Grain 9MM RN Brinell 18 Bullet OAL. Experience superior quality and performance with Nosler products. Vihtavuori offers reloading data for nearly a hundred different handgun and rifle calibers and for shotgun loads, with numerous bullet options for all kinds of shooting disciplines and needs. A very nice load for a 16" PCC AR9 is 124 grain bullet, Winchester primers and 3. I also use Berry's 147 plated with 3. Canister Sizes: View All Bullseye ® Recipes. Re-loads, on the other hand, are not produced with the same quality control standards or large commercial equipment. Lastly, they are re-struck to ensure precise specifications and create the Hybrid Hollow Point nose design. I've finished setting up my Dillon 550C press and the first round to be loaded is 9mm Luger. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that can lead to errors and inefficient workflows. This section shows you A LOT of information about 9 MM powders and how they compete against each other using the same brass, same bullet, same OAL, same primer, same gun, same day, same conditions. I'm fairly new at handloading and when I started powder was already getting hard to get. The excellent flow characteristics allow accurate. Bullseye, W231 for my standard loads in 38, 45 …. 4 grains Unique 9mm - 115 grain FMJ = 5. Yes you are limited to 1000fps but most powders won't reach that. 380 projectile in a 9mm casing and push it at 1050 to 1100 fps with reduced springs and it's stupid soft. To conserve lead during World War II in Germany, the lead core was replaced by an iron core encased with and United States Secret Service favored and used 115 gr (7. Vihtavuori's published minimum load for N310 and 145 lead round nose bullets is 2. XTP for loading the FMJ and I'd recommend a longer OACL. I used the starting load from the VV manual - 3. If you happen to have hardcast LRNs you can load them up to full velocities with no problems. The heavy bullets are generally 158-grains, but 165-grain bullets can also be had. Cast or jacketed data with the same …. BUFFALO-BARNES 9MM +P+ LEAD FREE - 115 gr. Re: Nosler 9mm 115gr HP Load data. Then select your bullet weight, powder …. 45 knotted a group of the lead SWCs into a tight 1. Bullet weight is the same only difference is Hollow point vs FMJ. Reducing bullet weight from 124 gr to 115 gr to 100 gr RN bullet with 5. I am looking for a mid range plinking/target load, not full power loads. 3 (velocity 1150 fps) grains through a 5 inch barrel using CCI 500 primers, with an OAL of 1. 0gr titegroup out of a g17 and a 5. I sourced some 115 grain lrn bullets with a brinell hardness of 16. It will not function with light bullets in the 90-grain class. And yes, It MAY show different start and max charges with different OAL. 45-caliber 230-grain bullets for handloading. is a nice reduced target load and I believe, the smallest standard size disk hole on the Lee 100. I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to reloading. 5 probably maxes SAAMI pressures. I've been reloading for sometime, only for What are you trying to load? FMJ, plated, coated, lead? Are you looking for gaming rounds (USPSA Been pretty happy with unique for 9mm I carry an EMP3 so target shoot with that *** well as a LesBaer 9mm. Our 9mm 115 Grain Round Nose Lead Bullets are great for low cost plinking. 355" but many factory barrels are oversized (. Easy on the shoulder, cycles well, no issues, lots of momentum if it is needed. doesn't list Unique or BE-86 in the …. I've loaded a lot of 9mm, but can't recall ever doing 115 Hornady …. You can choose the overall grain of the bullet and the round to configure the best muzzle velocity whether you are using a hollow point or a full metal jacket. Donate Now Goal amount for this year: 6500 USD, Received: 5268 USD (81%) Our Annual server fund drive is going on now! This donation drive helps fund Cast Boolits for an entire year, and helps support our 2nd amendment rights!. Power Pistol start 5 grs max 5. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (using ACME coated bullets). Good suggestions from Memphis Mechanic above: "3. 540 +/- For General Shooting Hi-Tek 2-Extreme Coating Price per box of 500 Price: $40. But that heaviness affects more than just how it feels when you hold it. So far, I have loaded about 1500 rounds using some Unique and some 700X. A couple of the older Alliant Reloader Guides list Red Dot and 9mm Luger. Makes a difference the JHP will be a little hot for FMJ - assuming you are not making SD rounds. Load Recommendation 9mm with Titegroup (Hodgdon), 115 …. I only shoot 124 grain bullets FMJ RN, Rem Golden Sabers, and Speer 124 Gold Dots. Beanie will be automatically added to your cart. Loads are available in flat nose and round nose variations. Secondary Uses: Moderate pistol cartridges. My favourite Unique load for 124/125 gr lead cast bullets is 4 gr. DG Bullets are made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating to ensure the highest quality shooting experience! All 9mm bullets are sized to. With its widespread use by businesses across various industries, there is a growing demand for professionals with SAP skill. I'm new to reloading and have had great success with my jacketed bullet loads. If we could get more accuracy from this load, it would move up to be top tier. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website. Home; Articles; Forum; Reloading Tutorials; About; Login; Support Powderthrough. All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. I am starting a load with some Berry's 115gr RN plated bullets and Titegroup. 360” at the case mouth, and easily …. The JHP uses a bit more case volume (more pressure) than the FMJ so that explains why they show a heavier FMJ with the same charge. I will not hold anyone responsible for sharing their personal load data for these loads that they have used and …. The gun I am using is a Kimber Stainless ll. W AT ER CASE TYPE: WSP 9mm Luger - 147 grain Version 9. While most of my lead 9mm is 125 grain, my prefered load is to use Clays or Claydot (whichever is available) at 3. Sierra Sports Master Bullets 9mm (355 Diameter) 115 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 100. 9 MM lead semi wadcutters. My LGS had a few pounds of various powders, so my first trip for powder I came home with 1 lb of each, Power Pistol, Tight Group and A #2. The gave me a cast lead bullet data. Vihtavuori N330 for versatile handgun loads N330 handgun powder provides a wide range of latitude for the handgun shooter, serving well for everything from light target to heavier high-velocity loadings. If you have not purchased bullets yet- I would suggest either Bayou bullets for coated bullets or Precision Delta using the 124 grain bullets. Posted December 27, 2013 (edited) I am having trouble finding load data for reloading my 9mm. Please note that the data we offer on our website, in our newest Reloading Guide and in the Vihtavuori Reload App is all the official and safe load data. 8gr with a 90gr JHP or 95gr FMJ bullet. BARNES TAC-XP (1450 fps/ME 547 ft lbs) PREMIUM LEAD-FREE 338 WIN. What I don't have is a variety of load data with that combo. 6 gr, but for 147 gr copper plated bullets it's 2. Powders include IMR, Alliant, Hodgdon, Vihtavuori, Winchester. With respect to the specific bullet/powder charge you are using. These Summit City Bullets 9mm. The short answer is, NO, I use only 115 gr. 9mm Luger (Parabellum) Load Data. Often times, to meet the OAL requirements for the. 2 gr unique, which is real close in performance to 5. 001" larger than the groove diameter of the barrel. This will be my first loads with it, otherwise have only done. Just be sure to match the bullet to the data as closely as you can. Winchester Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (100pk) $69 50. lead, I really would appreciate it. Remarks: America's best known pistol powder. I'm using the Lyman reloading handbook, 49th edition, and there is virtually no difference in the …. There’s loads of data showing that this is great for. 0 grs and work up watching for pressure signs. My rule of thumb for handguns is to use standard primers on loads found on the burn rate chart. Losing critical data can lead to significant financial losses and even business closure. I like WSF more than N320, though that might be considered heresy. Previous 9mm loads are 124gr RN over 4. Heavy 9mm Luger Bullets: Everything You Need To Know. Do not shorten cases beyond specified trim-to-length. I have a love/hate relationship with 9mm reloading. I found a 8lb jug recently so decided to give it a go. The data that I have found seems to be all over the place. They are 115 gr lead RN, 356 Dia. What you usually see in a load data is what manufacturer's bullet was used in testing that load. Using bullets from Barnes TAC-XP, Speer GDHP, Sierra FMJ, Speer FMJ, SinterFire, Lead Round Nose, Berry's Bullets HBRN TP, Lead Conical Nose, Hornady HAP, Berry's Bullets RN, Hornady XTP. From the load data I’ve looked at 4. Fortunately I only loaded 100 rounds to test. The LEE manual has load data for 115gr Lead bullets …. Click here to see the loads added in the last month! With our load data you can search by caliber, bullet weight, powder, powder manufacturer or a combination of all four. 32 S&W Long (Cowboy Action) 32-20 Win. Ideally, we would like to have published data in hand for the exact components we intend to use. The coating prevents lead to bore contact. Loading near 135 Power Factor all my loads have been as accurate as any other. Good placement with no leading in the barrel. Due to different barrel lengths, type of bullet. As always start with the minimum load and work your way up. Calculated Power Factor - 135. 9mm 115 Gr FMJ or 115 Gr Hollow Point Blue Dot Minimum - 7. 9mm Parabellum 125 Grain 9MM Cone - Grooveless Brinell 18 Bullet OAL. I've read good reports about them, and plan to primarily shoot them out of a 16" Hi-point 995 (9mm) carbine. I use WST behind 200 gn semi-wadcutters. 358) 125 Gr Round Nose; 147 Gr Round Nose; 158 Gr Semi Wad Cutter; 160 Gr Round Nose. 7 loads have the edge in accuracy with the tightest group of the series. Shop products in Handgun Bullets today. Using bullets from Lyman 356632, Redding/SAECO 377, Lee 356-125-2R, LBT. 9mm Luger (9x19, Parabellum) Load Data: Favorite Handloads. 380), Beretta, Walther and Luger (9mm) and Colt (. Best 9mm Ammo: Self Defense & Range Shooting. I just chronographed 147 gr X-treme plated with power pistol 1. ) You can always load longer than the OAL listed. Federal is using true 9mm and not. Shooter's Reference Load Data for 10 mm Auto. 115 Grain Barnes Tac-XP Here are some of the target loads we shotSome of these loads are over book published load values and just because they worked for us, does not mean they will eb safe for youdo not load over manufacturer book maximums. I WANT YOUR VALUABLE AND PROPRIETARY LOAD DATA FOR FREE; AMMUNITION FOR "SELF DEFENSE" BUFFALO-BARNES 9MM +P+ LEAD FREE - 95 gr. Home; Search Loads; Articles; Load Titles: Number of Loads. Briefly: Berrys 9mm 115 grain plated RN DS bullet, Remington 1. Buffalo Bore also offers fast-stepping 9mm loads in 115 and 124-grain weight. KYFlyfisher Discussion starter · Oct 19, 2012. 008 below flush with the cartridge base. 5 grains = 1030 fps Maximum - 8. Their favorite bullets are zero 121 or 125 gr JHP that also. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more!. RN plated bullets & HP-38 is 4. I picked up some "Hodgdon Clays" powder at a gun show because it was the only powder that would …. I've been reloading for sometime, only for precision rounds. I have seen a couple recipes with the same amount of powder for the 9's as the 45's. We also have loads for all kinds of handgun bullets, from FMJ and XTP to Spitzer Boat Tails and wadcutters. Discover our extensive lineup, including Partition, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip, Custom Competition, and more. With the price and scarcity of ammo, I am trying to get into reloading 9mm target loads. Winchester WinClean® 244™. of AA#5 as a max load @ 950 FPS. (Cowboy Action) 38 Special (Cowboy Action) 38-40 Win. We offer new reloading data for the following calibers: 9mm Luger / 9x19mm, with bullets: 8,0 g / 124 gr Berry’s Hybrid Hollow Point with N320, N330, N340, 3N37 and 3N38 VV powders 9,5 g / 147 gr. started with recommended starting load of 3. 5grains gave me 1150 fps for 132pf in a 5inch 1911) 388. Refine by Grain Weight: 125 147. Many jacketed bullet loads, using the light loads are or can be subsonic. 0 grains on 115 then dropped to. com Forums">9mm cast load data. Using bullets from Barnes TAC-XP, Speer GDHP, Sierra FMJ, SinterFire, Lead Round Nose, Berry's Bullets HBRN TP, Hornady HAP, Lead Conical Nose, Hornady XTP. 0 WW231: very accurate @ 25 yards. HP38, Titegroup, N320, Bullseye, IMR Target to name a few. Get a FREE Federal Beanie with $99 ammo purchase. Web pages on the Internet cache data on users’ computers to expedite loading of the pages. 8: 1,167-9mm Luger: 115 gr JHP: Federal: 1. 1 grains of 700X powder, at an OAL of 1. 1 gr of clays using Lead round nose. RAM is used for storing loaded programs and the data programs use. Liked the result; good function (of course) and great accuracy for close-up match games. Bullseye, 115 grain jacketed starting 3. After years of experimenting with 9MM reloads; bullets (plated, jacketed, no lead), powders, loads, etc. 124 and 125 grain bullets also have widespread use with reloaders. Barnes TAC-XPD 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain +P TAC-XP Hollow Point Lead-Free ammo review offers the following information;This 9mm Luger ammunition from Barnes is a +P (high pressure) load designed to defeat various types of cover and protection that assailants might use such as heavy clothing, plywood, auto glass, or sheet metal. Loading Berry's Plated Handgun Bullets. The only powder I have a lot of right now is Power Pistol. NVivo is a software package designed to assist researchers in analyzing qualitative data. hello everyone, i need some help finding a load data for 124 gr extreme PHP using Hodgdon Clays. The brain health benefits of closing the pay gap. The data from the Alliant 2004 online reloading manual shows a max load of 4. 2 gr of WIN Autocomp and CCI 500's. I can't find any load data for that powder in the Lee manual or online. These are my data for 124 Gr RN blue bullets with Winchester 231 for my shadow 2 and TSO. In today’s digital world, data is the lifeblood of businesses. Lead core is completely encapsulated, minimizing airborne lead. 355, 9mm round FMJ Round nose. When I shot a G34 as my competition gun I ran this load. Powder data should be used as a safe starting load once you have found the OAL for the bullets you're using in your gun/s. I own 4 manuals, and none of them have these combos listed. Winchester has prepared Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for its ammunition products in accordance with the U. It is a "slower" burning powder, it meters well and is and is very consistent burning, but does work best at the upper end of the powder range. I'm looking to load some 124 gr. Load data for 147 9mm WST. 9mm Luger: 115 gr FMJ: Federal: 1. The Alliant load data site gave this load for a 115 gr. In pistol, 9mm, 38 Super, 40 S&W and 10mm Auto are some of the cartridges where HS-6 provides top performance. 147 Grain 9mm Load Data Recipes. Data loss can be a nightmare for any business. A couple of forum members sent me a variety of lee 9mm bullets to try and the 356-120-TC at an as cast weight of 122. 355 115 Grain Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Alliant Power Pistol 9mm load info?. With a 124gr to 130gr bullet, start at 4. Berry 9mm 115gr RN and W231???. 7 gr of Unique increased Standard Deviation to 15 and was …. OAL is important in hogh pressure, small volumn cases, longer is better. 01 inch barrel 1:10 R/H twist (KMM barrel) Bullets: Hornady 115 gr. That load data seems a little hot to me, but I'm use to loading 124 gr not 115 gr bullets, I would start on the low side of those numbers you found. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (90 & 115 GR) Handload Data reloading data with 133 loads. Refine by Grain Weight: 124 125. Our 9MM ammunition is loaded here locally in the USA. I'll be firing it through either the Glock 19 or 43. This season I hope to give Power Pistol a try. 38 Special 44 Special in a single step can lead to a variety of issues, the biggest of which is scraping * The cores and cups for 55 grain FMJ-BT’s 223 Remington ready to go into the press. Whether you’re looking for a plan with unlimited data, international calling options, or simply wa. A lot of people do that, but it isn't really the safest way to approach things. I will be using a SNS 125gr RN coated bullet with Unique powder. I recently stocked up on 115 gr. I have tested in my gun number of bullets 115 and 124-125 gr FMJ and JHP and those HDY 125 gr HAP have an edge at 50m. Lead 115 grain in Lee manual Sorry about my last post as it was all jacketed info and you requested Lead Round Nose. 2 grains @ 944 fps 29,700 psi and 5. They have longer cases and higher pressures. Some high-pressure 9mm loads claim to push 115-grain bullets to 1,400 fps (for example, Buffalo …. It depends on the type/hardness of the alloy you use, but I would start with a slower 115 gr load, trying keep your velocity around 1000 fps. Titegroup was one of the powders tested and the author of the piece found 4. I have a large can of Green Dot that I would like to use up. 8 grains under a 115gr XTP, which gets loaded much shorter and leaves less powder space than a FMJ-RN. jpr440ex (verified owner) – September 6, 2018. Product Manufacturer: Berry's does not research or publish the load data, but you can use any published load data for a jacketed or lead bullet as long as it is the same weight …. Refine by Caliber: 9mm Makarov 357 Sig. Shop our entire catalog for 9mm 115 Grain Practice and. But for club level matches I am only using 7. 355″ (9mm) (jacketed) in diameter. Principal Purpose: Handgun loads. the folloing is from an email from Alliant in respose to loads for lead bullets: *9mm Luger. 357 SIG cases can be made from. Likewise, don’t try to shoot a. 135 OAL shoots accurately and reliably out of my stock Glock 17 and 19. FMJ would take a bit more powder but since power factor is not your concern. Some can’t be driven fast enough to make 130 …. 9 grains BD under a Sierra 115 jhc for about 1258 fps. 1 Grains of Longshot with 115 grain Berry's round nose. For 9mm, the Winchester/Hodgdon web site has data for Winchester 231/HP-38 and a 9mm, 115-grain LRN bullet. Ammo Quantity - 1,000 rounds per case; 50 rounds per box. Drop the bullet in the chamber and using a vernier caliper measure from the base of the bullet to where the case would sit flush in the chamber. need load data for 124 gr CAST LEAD in 9mm. 8 Grains as a start load, the MV is 780 f. Reloading the 9x18 Makarov Cartridge. That was my point of referencing Hodgdon data for Hodgdon powder. 4 grains of HP-38 cycled a Ruger LC9, SR9c & a SIG SP2022 with no problems. This gives about a 132,000 power factor out of a G34, good for plinking/IDPA - similar to Win white box. BUFFALO-BARNES 9mm +P+ LEAD FREE. i had started a couple days ago with Accurate #2, col 1. lead RN bullets, keeping the powder between 4. I have tried many different loads and the few that are keepers are: MB 124 grain cast Ball - 3. The thinly plated full metal jacket from other manufacturers is easily distorted and often breaks or. Work up 5 rounds each with increments of 0. 0 grains) with 115, 120, 124 or 125 grain lead bullet whether coated or not. eject but all others failed to cycle at all, stove piped, or only half. If you dont have one, I recommend you get a hodgon manual.