Hornady Bullet Load Data 6XC Load Data – What The Pros Use. 243 Winchester">Shooter's Reference Load Data for. 99 and receive new data before the next. 5mm Creedmoor (using 153-grain bullets) reloading data with 22 loads. 5 grains of H-110 was 2,241 fps. com (always cross-reference!) Friends and online forums (always cross-reference). I'm working on a new load with 4831 in an effort to keep this level of accuracy but boost the vel back up to to 2900 for hunting. 243 win with hornady 95gn sst. Bullets of 200 and 220 grains are in the 1,800 fps neighborhood. The excellent flow characteristics allow accurate. H380 Excellent load, capable of. xlsx Author: carterc1 Created Date: 1/25/2021 3:54:34 PM. 357 140 gr XTP ® Item #35740 | 100/Box. If you’re reloading or looking at some new load development, new calibres or bullet types and weights, QuickLOAD ballistic software solution is what you need. Click here to open the document in a new window. The comparable capacity of the 7mm-08 cartridge is 48. The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center is new and improved. I checked it with 180 Bergers and 180 ELDMs, except for the RL22 loads. 5 grs behind 220 gr projectiles. The best load I tried was with 67. 257 Weatherby Magnum (Using 117 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 53 loads. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP or FMJ-RN. Muzzle energy is about 2,450 ft-lbs. It featured a 115-grain FMJ at a muzzle …. Flat shooting and deadly accurate, it's an ideal bullet for whitetails, as well as most North American game animals from antelope to moose and similar-sized African …. 270 Winchester - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #1. The data for the Hornady 68grn HPBT in both a. Click here to view the special notes. Re: Favorite loads for 22-250? Shooting from a Sav. 5 Creedmoor has seen some pretty meteoric growth in popularity. Hornady's CX reloading bullets are already available on the international markets in 50- or 100-pcs boxes, in a wide choice of bullet weights and nine different calibers: 6mm/. 7mm Remington Magnum (Using 120 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 52 loads. Improved Military Rifle IMR 7977. The bullet makes the cartridge, and Hornady bullets are peerless. And they were very good for that rifle. All Hornady ® Match™ bullets feature revolutionary AMP ® (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets. Notes: This data was shot by Brian Pearce, Wolfe Publishing Company. The CX faces some serious competition from the very established Barnes bullet and the very popular offerings from Hammer and Cutting Edge amongst others. Improved Military Rifle IMR 7828 SSC. Best load data for subsonic 300 Blackout. The 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) makes long range, mid-range! The 300 PRC is an intelligently crafted 21st century magnum cartridge specifically designed to take advantage of long, heavy for caliber bullets capable of delivering the highest levels of accuracy and aerodynamic performance. Hodgdon’s recommended maximum load with LeverEvolution powder and the Hornady 160-grain FTX bullet was 111 fps faster than Hornady’s LeverEvolution factory load, but in order to duplicate its accuracy in the Marlin, I had to decrease the maximum powder charge by 1. Links to all updated lines below! We offer new reloading data for the following calibers: 6. The COAL stated is this table is according to the SAAMI specification. This powder is still available as Alliant 2400 and derived its name from the ability to drive a. 257 Roberts Reloading Data (Using Hornady Bullets). 223 Remington really began in 1950, when Remington introduced the. 30-06 can handle most any shooting or hunting scenario, which is especially true if you're a handloader; here are some reloading best practices. 178 ELD Match, Varget, 308 Win. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. WARNING! Never use smokeless powder. 5x55, and 175-200 grain bullets in the. I developed the loads in the accompanying chart from early recommendations by Hornady technicians based on their lab work. 5 PRC data in a few weeks’ time. The Berger Bullets Reloading Manual is available for purchase through your favorite Berger dealer. A-Max bullets at around 2,900 f. 8 Hornady brass x 6 FGMM 210M COL 2. indicates maximum load — use with caution rifle data 103 grain bullets sectional density: 0. 6mm ARC 105 gr BTHP Hornady BLACK®. Suggested Bullet Use Suggested Bullet Use 140-grain TSX BT Sectional Density. Buy Single Digital Issue on the Shooting Times App. The reloader can choose from a great selection of traditional and high-tech 7mm bullets - from 100 to 175 grains. Loaded with legendary Hornady ® bullets, Hornady BLACK ® ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function …. Grand Island, NE - Hornady® is proud to announce that the A-Tip® Match bullet has been named… Read More. 56 data for the heavy match bullets, rounded to the half grain. “Ten bullets through one hole” was the philosophy of J. 0: 999 930: 3278 3051: Norma URP: Max 73. load opened the group slightly for a 1. The 11th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading includes the latest Hornady bullets, along with new cartridges, powders and more. I intended to shoot an OCW trial of the same load except with Hornady 180 gr SST bullets, but my muzzle brake caused my scope, rings, and base to shoot loose, ruining the test, and I ran low on IMR4350 powder. 8 Remington SPC (2004), built off the elderly. Using bullets from Lehigh Defense XD, Lehigh Defense XD , Barnes TAC-XP, Hornady XTP, Hornady SP, Winchester Power-Point. The shorter, more compact kernels allow the powder to flow through the powder measures more smoothly, helping to alleviate the constant cutting of. HR IC Re: 25-06 Load Data I am also using 117 gr. 25-06 Remington 110 gr ELD-X ® Precision Hunter ®. Become a Load Data member, access over 311,213 load recipies. Not surprising, you will find in the accompanying chart loads capable of ½ to ¾ MOA. Using bullets from Hornady V-Max, SP or SP SX. Make sure you're ready when the big one steps out and load-up with Hornady ® American Whitetail ® ammunition. All of these mentioned loads using either Lyman's No. From heaviest to lightest they are the 180-grain ELD-M, 175-grain ELD-X, and 160-grain CX copper alloy bullet. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip ® technology of the FTX ® and …. "Ten bullets through one hole" was the philosophy of J. Powders include Vihtavuori, IMR, Hodgdon, Alliant. 44 S&W Special Load Data: Favorite Handloads. Extend your range and never compromise at any distance! The ELD-X ® (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) bullet is a technologically advanced, match accurate, ALL-RANGE hunting bullet featuring highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. 5-300 Weath - erby Magnum is a significantly overbore cartridge …. The Winchester® Smokeless Propellants handloaders know today can trace its origin back to 1892, when Franklin Olin and several other investors founded the Equitable Powder Company of East Alton, Illinois. 142’’ Another tip is to try the N320 for Classic 1911. Bullet: Hornady FTX 160 grain 30 caliber 30-30 bullet. Today Hornady is the largest independently owned maker of bullets, ammunition, and reloading supplies in the world. Hornady also uses the CX bullets as factory standard loads for numerous new entries in their. Barrel is 22" and a 1 in 9 twist. com for the most accurate, up-to-date data. xlsx Author: carterc1 Created Date: 1/21/2021 3:24:37 PM. I'm using Hornady Match cases and Nosler 175gr RDF tips. Reloading Tutorials; About; Login; Support Powderthrough. 44 Magnum Rifle (Using 300 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 20 loads. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Accurate - #5: 135 gr. Just like the other projectile manufacturers, Barnes is an incredible company with very high quality bullets for every shooting sport. Reloading Costs Calculator; Case Crimp Calculator; Energy, Momentum, Power Factor, and Taylor Knock-out Calculators; Free Recoil Energy Calculator; How I reload; Bullet Type: (SinterFire, Inc. Bullet is the Hornady Interlock 100 gr btsp. Each Varmint Express ® offering is loaded with high. 30-06 M1 Garand (Using 150/155 GR Hornady Bullets) Warning! Notes: This data was shot by Brian Pearce, Wolfe Publishing Company. (This info is displayed on bullet boxes and product webpages. From prairie dogs to dangerous game, we have the perfect bullet to meet every hunting and shooting need. 300 Norma Magnum Cartridge. Shooter's Reference Load Data for 10 mm Auto. 5 Creedmoor Reloading Data. Hornady kindly provided us with the load data provided below. Powders include Hodgdon, Winchester, IMR. This VIDEO supplements the review, and includes bullet trace and a few hunting kill …. After I plug in all the data, Quickload returns this. Reloading data is available as low as 99¢ per cartridge or purchase a subscription and receive new data before the next edition of the book is printed. 220 Swift - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #4. The 180-grain ELD-M is in Hornady’s Match line and has an MSRP of $69. When Winchester introduced the. Looking closer at the data, you will notice that we now supply figures for popular commercially available bullets by brand name, rather that simply by bullet weight. Hard-hitting and deep-penetrating, the GMX ® bullet combines monolithic construction with pioneering ballistic design to meet the need for a premium, non-traditional bullet. Hornady 250 gr Monoflex in 45. 25 - 06 Remington - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #1. com) to be fired in a Model 1911 pistol. The COAL is measured from the base of the case to the tip of the bullet. Using bullets from Hornady SST, BTSP or RN. 204 Ruger (Using Hornady Bullets) Metallic. The Hornady Action Pistol bullet is based on one of the …. Hornady® offers the same Flex Tip. Load selection was difficult, as there were so may good ones. IMR recommends always consulting www. Loading to mag length for now as Hornady's factory loads were at 2. 5 Precision Rifle Cartridge from Hornady® brings home trophies — whether on the range or in the field. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Accurate - 2230: 130 gr. Winchester is already shipping at least two bullets packaged for sale to reloaders. Hornady dies were used to handload cartridges for the. However, I did look up the loading data for the Barnes 250 gr copper bullet and used that data as a guide. TAC is a double-base spherical propellant that sets the standard for extreme accuracy and reliability with heavy bullets in the 223 Remington and match applications in 308 Winchester. 308 178 gr ELD® Match Item #30713 | 100/Box. 357 Magnum cartridges cartridge, and it is a heck of a load in handguns. Looking at all the load data, it is pretty easy to load them to 1250 - 1300 FPS with several kinds of powder. A second Mark V Accumark, also fitted with a 26-inch barrel but with a muzzle brake, was used to establish po-tentially the most accurate loads with a given bullet, which helped the testing move along at a faster rate. 56 NATO’s relatively tiny 55-grain bullet exiting the barrel at 3,200 fps. Trail Boss (TB) was originally designed to. 308 Custom Loading Hornady 180. I hadn’t seen it shared on LRH yet so I thought I’d pass on the news. 460 S&W Magnum (Using Hornady. 22-250’s good traits is its ability to retain accuracy with. At 1,650 fps over a stiff charge of H110, this is a formidable coyote, bobcat, and pest load. Success: Hornady 178gr ELD. As an interesting note, this particular GMX was designed for the European market. 264 140 gr BTHP Match™ Item #26335 | 100/Box. The Hornady XTP, Sierra JHC, Speer GDHP and Nosler JHP and JSP versions are all suitable for the. 451" Powder: IMR Target (Improved Military Rifle) Primer: FED 150. Matching Maximum Pressure: 43888 psi, or …. And, yes, the recommended reloading data was printed on the box’s. Load Data for 9 mm Luger">Shooter's Reference Load Data for 9 mm Luger. Consistent quality, accuracy and performance are, and always will be the hallmarks of all Hornady pr…. I generally use Varget but I wouldn’t mind seeing 4064 as well even though i should get a higher FPS with the Varget. 45 ACP loads, check out our loading data for. 5mm Creedmoor (Using 160 GR Hornady Bullets) Metallic. One problem inherent with the original #454424 was the fact that when sized to 0. Full-metal jacketed, lead bullet, or plated bullet load data can be used as long as the following standards are adhered to: The data contains the correct grain weight of bullet. So I loaded up 10 rounds of 23. The link takes you to both the written article and to the video: TESTED: Hornady 7mm 150 grain CX Bullets w/Ballistics Gel (7mm Rem Mag) – Ultimate Reloader. Surprisingly, the factory ammunition for the 160gr CX bullet offers the same 3,000fps muzzle velocity as the 175gr ELD-X bullet. For guns chambered for 9x23, the case is similarly extra-thick in some key areas. 185" or 155 GR Hornady A-Max; …. I found a nice load, keeps steady at sub 0. Overall projectile length between the Amax and the ELD-M bullets measured pretty much the same for me. Electronic Book Download the Reloading Handbook as an Apple® iBook or get it on your Kindle®. 300 Win Mag 180 gr bullets IMR4350. Berry's max recommended velocity is not exceeded. View Profile View Forum Posts Boolit Master. I expected it to go a little faster in the CX due to the lighter weight, but copper bullets can also increase pressures, so it seems that Hornady wasn’t able to get any increased speed out of it. 300 Weatherby Magnum - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #5. Hornady Hornady Manufacturing started in 1949 as a two man operation and has now grown to one of the leaders in innovation in the shooting and reloading world. Hornady's reloading manuals (No. 5" barrel BFR with 2x leupold scope. Using bullets from Hornady FTX (460 S&W), Hornady XTP Mag. Using bullets from Hornady GMX, IB, SST, BTSP or SP. As you can see, there was less than a 10 fps difference between the Hornady Jacketed Bullet loads, and …. 25-35 Winchester (Using Hornady Bullets) Metallic. 454 Casull resizing die rather than a. 380 handguns were not designed to shoot hollowpoint bullets so reliability can be an issue. 22-250 Remington offers a significant ballistic advantage over the (left). Always cross-reference load data with manufacturer’s …. indicates maximum load — use with caution rifle data 6m arc bol un) 65 grain bullets sectional density: 0. / 150 grain bullet loads, five of which achieve 2800 fps maximum MV with a specified powder . 00, but the closer they come to 1. The bullets bc is not as good as the hybrid and eldm bc is also optimistic. CA MPR carbon 24” barrel Here’s 156 data 53F 44% 30. 38 Special - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Lee #1. 6BRA, 6BRX & 6BR Load Data – What The Pros Use. Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP ® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. 9 mm Luger - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Lee #19. 430 265 gr FTX® (444 Marlin) Hornady ® FTX ® bullets revolutionized lever gun ballistics, creating a new level of performance for these popular firearms. Buy single digital issue for your phone or tablet. 303 Savage Load Data and Handloading Tips. 7 mm Remington Magnum - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #5. Shooter's Reference Load Data for 5. Great care has been given by Hornady engineers to develop superior, match­-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD­-X ® bullet to achieve its maximum. featuring our newest powder N568. 22 Hornet bullet of the day at 2400. 0 grains of MagPro at 3,080 fps and a 0. The same charge of H-110 fired the 93-grain SPRN bullets slower at 2,106 fps. Loads that didn’t hold much promise didn’t even make the chart, hence. N320 works nicely for 9 mm Luger with a FMJ bullet for low velocity handloading 8,0 g / 124 grs Lapua FMJ bullet; 0,26 g / 4. I focused on three consistency tests for these 135 grain 6. Designed to meet the needs of the world’s toughest critics, the 6mm ARC utilizes. Hornady unveiled the Subsonic line back in 2018 with a single. I have good luck with H-4895 in my rifle. Hornady FTX Load Data (30-30Win) I'm ready to take some BLC-2 powered 160gr FTX bullets out to test later in the week. So I'm going to be loading up a batch to take shooting next week. Today, it is used as a medium game cartridge for things like deer , hogs ect. This great idea of accuracy and perfection has continued from the first bullet made more than seventy years ago, right through today. I too believe you've started at the starting load range and you could increase your powder. I was able to buy some new Hornady 7mm, 150 grain CX bullets and try them on Ballistics Gel Blocks. See maximum recommended load for specific models. Load data was sourced from the Accurate Shooter Forum, Precision Rifle Blog, and. Using Hornady reloading data with the 257 Roberts bullets creates a great round that is popular with hunters who like its low recoil rates. ELD-X bullets are available in factory loaded Precision Hunter ammunition. Premium projectiles from Nosler, Barnes, Hornady, Sierra, Speer and more. 3 – Trim the case from step 2, and you have a fully prepared 8. I also obtained some old Norma. Lapua, Sako and Hornady as well as loads for. Anyone have any load data specific to. Go to Johnny's Reloading Bench on YouTube for the best 300 Blackout videos. Load data received from Hornady and Hodgdon show slow-burners such as Alliant Reloder 26, Vihtavuori N-560, Hornady 180-grain ELD Match in the 7mm PRC case at a cartridge length of 3. 37: Hornady: Round Nose : I-3031: 28. Besides wanting good accuracy, I would also like to see velocity in the 2800 to 2900 fps range. Probably will be about a week before I can get out and get that done. I have loaded 100gr Hornady BTSP Interlocks, and my most accurate load with Varget (32gr) is only about 2690 fps. Western Powder’s load manual says to use 44 to 50 grains of a propellant with a medium burn rate topped with a 150- to 173-grain bullet. 350 Legend reloading data with 42 loads. indicates maximum load — use with caution rifl e data 147g rainb ullets 5 6. Loads fired with 168- to 200-grain bullets were done in conjunction with NoslerCustom cases. 44 Magnum Rifle (Using 180 GR Hornady Bullets). We carefully select every component to ensure uniformity, then load to exacting specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy. 222 Remington - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #16. Measurements from 20 randomly selected bullets. Read HERE for a complete list of cartridges included in the manual. In the Data Center, you’ll find thousands of load recipes for pistol, rifle, and shotgun. 380 in a pistol chambered for the. This spherical pistol propellant was designed for competitive shooters and handloaders seeking the perfect powder for target or self-defense loads. For flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i. “Ten bullets through one hole” is the philosophy that brought Hornady® from a two-man operation in. Experience superior quality and performance with Nosler products. My normal projectile for a regular. Find CFE 223 at Midsouth Shooters Supply or directly from Hodgdon. 5x55 handloads push the 140-grain GMX to 2,800 fps. H4831SC is an Extreme extruded powder and the exact ballistic copy of H4831. 224 Valkyrie: Hornady 88 grain ELD. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - Benchmark: 108 gr. 300 HAM'R - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #16. 2gr of Hodgdon Varget; Case: Lapua; Primer: CCI #450 Small Rifle Magnum; Muzzle Velocity: 2850 fps from a 25” barrel (Standard deviation = 5 fps) 6BRA Load Data. Posted: 12/21/2019 10:17:28 AM EDT. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - H4350: 178 gr. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive load data, the Coyote Logistics Load Board can help you find the most profit. In some ways this load puts a rifle on the hip. I bought a couple boxes of the Hornady 190 Sub-X bullets from Midway and received them yesterday. Websites with blurry text and distorted or missing images indicate a problem within the browser itself. The most popular Krag loading has long been with 180-grain spitzer bullets; reloading manuals show jacketed bullet velocities running from 1,730 to 2,408 fps. Improved Military Rifle IMR 4831. This past year there were 3 shooters using a 6XC in the top 25 in the PRS, and 4 in the top 25 in the NRL. Fitting the niche between the 6. The die in the middle is the Lee Factory Crimp Die, and it firmly crimps the case neck into the bullet’s …. 7mm-08 Remington (Using 139 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 65 loads. com 6430 Vista Drive Shawnee, KS 66218 Phone: (913) 745-0776 Fax: (913) 362-1307 Press Release May 26, 2022 Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc. Flat shooting and deadly accurate, it's an ideal bullet for whitetails, as well as most North American game …. Opening day of deer season comes only once a year. shoots well with the entire range of 0. Get the most performance from Federal components by using our carefully developed, high-performance reloading data. Start with the 12 proven handloads to get you headed in the right direction. The tough alloy material routinely retains …. , 1 in 12 twist,SS, varmint contour barrel. indicates maximum load — use with caution rifle data 60-62 grain bullets sectional density: 0. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP, Hornady HP-XTP or FP-XTP, Hornady FTX, Hornady FP-Cowboy, Hornady SWC, RN, SWC-HP. As with any data, start low and work up. Hornady BLACK Ammunition 308 Winchester 168 Grain A-MAX Box of 20. 295 VELOCITY (FPS – feet per second) POWDER 2700 2800 2900 2950 3000 3050 H322 40. It is particularly well suited to the 357 Sig and 10mm Auto, providing high velocities and excellent case-fill. Here’s the components that were selected: Bullet: Hornady 110 grain A-Tip 6mm. According to Hornady’s 4DOF ballistics calculator, this load’s performance is excellent for medium to long range hunting. 264"; Hornady InterBond and SST COAL: 2. Reloading Costs Calculator; Case Crimp Calculator; Energy, Momentum, Power Factor, and Taylor Knock-out Calculators Log in / Sign up. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies on your device unless you have disabled them. FireStick load, delivering a best 3-shot group of. 460 S&W Magnum (Using Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 70 loads. 224 35 gr V-MAX® Item #22252 | 100/Box. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP or HAP, Hornady LRN. 44 Special (Using Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 223 loads. 62 x 54 R - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Hornady #23. It was really just in 2021 when the 6. 375 H&H really steps out of its traditional box. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - 296: 240 gr. And all handloads were assembled with Hornady reloading dies. Tougher than pure copper, the mono-metal copper alloy has been proven to shoot cleaner, foul less, and deliver consistent, even pressure curves. A double-base, clean burning, high performance propellant that is perfect for elk country cartridges such as the 270 Winchester, 300 WSM and 338 Win Mag. 290 inches which duplicated the length of Hornady ammo loaded with that bullet. 17 Hornet as sort of an “improved”. Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets. We've improved the filtering on desktop, allowing you to retrieve data for your materials faster. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website. I'm looking for load data for that bullet. Our impressive product line includes over 300 bullets, ranging from 17 caliber all the way up to the 50 BMG. Hornady has been an industry leader in bullet design and innovation since 1949. 270" Released as a new product for 2023, the 7mm PRC is an eficient, capable, and balanced 7mm magnum. 429434GC or Hornady's 200-grain JHP are serious hunting loads. 23mmHg Berger 156 gr Elite Hunter HPBT H4831 54. I also have CCI small primers and new Starline 9mm brass. This is not an extremely flat-shooting 6. Developed by Hornady ® engineers, these bullet jackets are a technological advancement in design, tooling and manufacturing that combine to produce the most consistently concentric bullet jackets. It will be interesting to see …. Vihtavuori Reloading Data for rifle, handgun and shotgun loads. Of course, Hodgdon provides load data for every bullet weight they’ve tested with all compatible propellants yielding safe and reliable ballistic data. The 225 Hornady ELD-M and the Berger 230 hybrid target and Hybrid OTM are great bullet options for those wanting a little larger bullet. 243 Winchester (Using 85/87 GR Hornady Bullets) Warning! Notes: This data was shot by Brian Pearce, Wolfe Publishing Company. Its optimized design offers high levels of accuracy across a wide variety of chamber designs and twist rates. Several manufacturers offer +P loads that push 230-grain bullets over 900 fps, and. FOR CENTERFIRE CARTRIDGES. This spherical propellant yields top velocities in many cartridges such as the 204 Ruger, 223 Remington/5. Winchester 296 is a ball powder developed for large handgun loads. Purchase this hard-bound book and get reloading. I recently bought a box of 200 gr. The polymer base locks into the boat tail base of the bullet, eliminating the need for a sabot and reducing the force needed to load the bullet, and Hornady offers special brass ramrod tips which match the profile of the Bore Driver ELD-X, to minimize chances of damaging the projectile as you load the rifle. Because the tested bullet’s data is compared against (and therefore divided by) the standard projectile’s values, BCs are often less than 1. Armed with dies, data, and brass that I saved from testing the Winchester XPR with Winchester and Browning factory ammo, along with some “heavy for caliber bullets” from Berger and Hornady, I was ready to start. 5mm Creedmoor (Using 129 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 69 loads. I heard some crazy stuff about CFE in 8mm Mauser pushing a 170gr or 190gr bullet to 2995fps. This bullet is also available in Hornady’s Precision Hunter ammunition, with an. Above: the components used for loads tested in this story: Bullets: Hornady 190 grain 30 caliber SUB-X, Midsouth Match Monster 190 grain 30 caliber. I am seeking to reproduce the Hornady factory ammo in case the drought is long. We will be also adding more lines to the 6. The Hornady bullet is 160 gr weight. I got a little over 2800MV even though box MV was rated 2850. 223 Remington reloads; here are a few pointers on how to build super-accurate handloads for America's longest-lived battle rifle. Does anyone have data for the Hornady. 243"; bullets: 85 GR Hornady IB or 87 GR Hornady V-Max (Note: 87 GR V-Max bullets can be used for all …. Distance: Address: United States Canada Retail Results The CX™ (Copper alloy eXpanding) bullet from Hornady represents the most advanced monolithic hunting bullet on the market. January 04, 2018 By Layne Simpson. Last year I prepared a review on reloading the 223 Remington for a typical bolt action and an AR rifle. I had samples of Federal’s 180-grain JSP and 160-grain Fusion bullets, (and factory load data), but they’re not yet available. in our newest Reloading Guide and in the Vihtavuori Reload App is all the official and safe load data we have available, and due to our Safety Policy we cannot suggest loads that we haven. This is a highly-developed bullet from Hornady—a premier ammunition manufacturer. Using bullets from Hdy GMX/IB/SST/FMJ-BT/RN/BTSP/SP or 155 GR A-Max. They and Speer don't have online data the same way as pretty much everyone . 450 Bushmaster 250 gr FTX® Hornady BLACK®. World record setting accuracy, innovative new products, ultra-high ballistic coefficients, unprecedented terminal performance, and lot-to-lot consistency all combine to set Hornady bullets apart from the competition. 264 inch; Primer: Federal 210M, Large Rifle Match; COAL: 2. Bulk reloading bullets for rifles and handguns all in-stock. We took guesses and worked up for loads below 115 grain bullets to learn about it. With my load I get 3/4" groups and I would prefer. Hornady cases were used to develop loads containing bullets from 135 through 165 grains, while Starline brass was used for all loads containing 180- through 200-grain bullet weights. 0 grains of IMR 8133 or the Hornady 143-grain ELD-X bullet over 58. 452 inch, the crimping groove almost disappears. Websites with user-submitted load data like Handloads. With high velocity 0-400 yard impact, the bullet continually expands throughout its penetration path. 7: Nice Load: 57 The IMR Enduron Powder load data. Hornady is loading the 7 PRC with three different bullets to start. Free Catalog 2023 Product Catalog Get your free catalog: View the Online Flipbook Download the PDF (**large file) International Catalogs Czech (PDF) | Czech Flipbook English Metric (PDF) | Engli. Brody760; Mar 20, 2023; Reloading Depot ; Replies 0 Views 235. The same bullet was seated in the 7mm Rem. 44 Special was introduced in about 1907 and is an extremely accurate cartridge. CT Nosler RN generates around 3400 ft. Load data from powder manufacturers like Hodgdon and Alliant. 223 for that specific bullet is different from that for Sierra's 69grn HPBT (Sierra's load data is lower) so I wouldn't just automatically use the data for a Sierra bullet. Of the 42 load combinations between six powder and seven bullets in this sampling, some fared better than others. Berger, Lapua and Hornady make ideal-weight bullets for the 6mm ARC. Powder: LEVERevolution powder from Hodgdon. This also means you can’t use just any. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Accurate - 2460: 140 gr. Will post up my velocities in the near future. CFE 223 contains our Copper Fouling Eraser ingredient, originally used in military propellant, which greatly deters copper fouling and contributes to longer …. Download the Reloading Handbook as an Apple® iBook or get it on your Kindle®. Hunting trophies or punching paper, precise rifle data is in sight ». Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - Benchmark: 90 gr. If you would like to support the site you can donate here:. When 2400 is loaded in conjunction with the 158-grain XTP-HP Hornady bullet and is capped with a CCI 550 Magnum primer, it reaches maximum pressure at 12. Winchester – Hodgdon Powder Company. Need powder recommendation and charge weight. Hornady engineers, using state of the art aeroballistics software, Doppler radar and decades of bullet performance knowledge have developed an entirely new class of bullet. Retumbo is what we used in the 7 PRC for the Nightforce ELR match, and it shot great under the 190 grain Hornady A-Tip bullet. Bullet: Nosler BST 120 gr: Bullet weight: 7. The X book lists them on the same page with the 75 Amax, 75 ELDM, and 75 BTHP. Originally a military powder featured in the 30-06, IMR 4895 is extremely versatile as a medium burn speed propellant. Click the button below to check out the load data for …. For initial load development I used a modified case and a Hornady OAL gauge to find my max OAL length with the 147s would be approximately 2. Each month new loads are added to the database. Lead core bullet with cannelured jacket provides positive case crimp for use in semiautomatics. It is popular for hunting and long-range shooting. First Look: Hornady Bore Driver ELD. 223 Data for 55 grain and 62 grain. The thin-plated full metal jacket offered by other manufacturers is easily distorted and often breaks or separates when the bullet impacts the target. I can only find H4831 (not the SC variety) or IMR4350. Velocity of the 93-grain FMJ bullets over 15. Gun: Ruger Model 77 RS; barrel length: 22 …. Reloading Costs Calculator; Case Crimp Calculator; Energy, Momentum, Power Factor, and Taylor Knock-out Calculators; Free Recoil …. The Hornady Bore Driver Muzzleloading Bullets 50 Caliber 290 Grain FTX Pack of 20 is a fast and easy to load bullet that delivers the ultimate in Click to expand These are fantastic for deer. ð ñ } o ~Z À } o À ~ ó X ñ > î ñ ì P ydW í X ñ õ ñ µ · ñ ó X ó ò ì ì í ì X ð ô ñ ì. Welcome to the Gun Digest Reloading Data Center, your one stop for handloading advice and information to get your loads on target. IMR 4350 is a medium- to slow-burn rate propellant and is the number one choice for the new short magnums, both Remington and Winchester versions. More too as I tweak the load more, settle on a charge seating depth, and ….