Pokemon Vore Text Adventure I am working hard on the collab commission that I've been contributed to do. Doc: Vorny Pokedex Entry Masterlist. Pokemon Manga Adventures/Special vore: Sapphire's wild belly meal. (Vore/18+ RP): A new Pokemon adventure!. Dawn and Kaa : Vore Story by Trololol. First, ensure you have Python installed. This submission contains Mature or Adult content. The trees were really high and a leaf was more as twice as big as you wereit was unknown what Pokemon were living there. Fantasy (831) Comedy (735) Horror (621) Educational (604) Mystery (502) Sci-Fi (488) Puzzle (354) Simulation (350) Surreal (305) RPG (275) Slice of Life …. Rated: GC · Interactive · Other · # 1799220. He sighed as he sat down across from you at the table. An interactive vore story where you can play as the prey/pred. 11 Feb 2020 It's alright, a little lacking in substance but still has good content for what it is. The Lab: A Vore Text Adventure (v9. Voronica Cleans House: a Vore Adventure$8. literature Pokemon vore adventures part 8 Add to Favourites By hyhyd Published: Aug 4, 2021 11 Favourites 0 Comments 4. -Reformation is not allowed except in the 1st and 5th settings. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 6 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. This choice: A giant pokemon · Go Back Chapter #4. Random events in conversation, very basic, Reactions based on who’s in your belly at the time. With that, it was off to the town gates. From what he is witnessing he is having a dream. For now it is just the introduction to the farm, it is. Collect tokens and try to escape! rebelradio. R-18 dark gay vore horror tragicomedy VN about vore and pro wrestling. " You have the following choice:. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 24. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 18. A Game of Choices [vore] by ArchieVore. Also, I think the game would really benefit from some more description in the items. ZhirVolk Musician 11 years ago. The effect was somewhat lessened by the paw-shaped padding of the cat costume she was wearing, which reduced a potentially satisfying thunk to a barely audible paff. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Community. She purred and hummed in delight at the feeling. Will it find Glory or a belly to rest? , , This choice: You rest peace fully. There is an exception to both of these rules in the 5th 'Anything Goes' setting- there, you can end vore however you want! -All forms of sex are allowed between anyone, including underage characters. COMMISSIONS OPEN - POV VORE TEXT GAME. 3), Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined on itch. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 18 by hyhyd on DeviantArt">Pokemon Vore Adventures part 18 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. But be warned, you are not the only one here. Work in Progress HTML Reality (Warrior Cat) Work in Progress Quest Warrior Cat RPG. Leaf was slowly walking along the underground path that led to Route 7, as she tried to block the horrible memory out of her head. 🖌️ My Full Vore Comics 🖌️ https://guccifer. Pokémon Vore!: Another day in the wilds. Leaf arrived at the Celadon Gym and after battling her way through the female gym trainers, was met with Erika the gym leader, who was taking a nap under a tree. vore text-adventure text adventure interactive choose gamedev ych cyoa interestcheck voregame vorestory. At the end of the gym stood a …. System Message This submission contains Mature or Adult content. Setting 2: Normal Pokémon living in the wild who are able to …. Pokemon trainer with some futa Pokemon!. It's a Meganium! You realize that the Pokemon which you see was a Meganium. trapped in a world where hungry pokémon eat their trainers. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy make an addition! The creator of this Interactive. Hungry Quest - A series of text adventures. "A snwack!" She said excitedly. You guide the Ghoul through 5 areas in the town and search for prey, when you find a target you will have to talk to them and try to get them alone before you can have "Fun" with them. Like a normal Pokemon game but with vore elementa or maybe even a mod for a already exsisting Pokemon game that adds vore. -The prey can be willing or unwilling. Or you could try to reason with the Lugia, seeing as it is an intelligent pokemon. A Pokemon (Vore) Adventure: Akira, a female Eevee. The typhlosion’s pecs have grew sizably when you realise a hand pushing out of each of those mounds of muscle. You have just recently left a Pokemon Center where you left all but one of your pokemon to recover from their last fight. "I wonder if there's anything to eat" she thought. It's got around 350,000 words of content right now, translating to about 50 hours of vorish gameplay! The game primarily focuses on player-as-prey furry vore. Few things to note about this Text Adventure: -All vore scenes involving the player are endo -Exploration is only limited to the Castle -This is a complete casual vore dating …. A Pokemon (Vore) Adventure: Shinji, a male Eevee. That day was a day without particular history, until came the evening, at which time they had. You look to dage and it seems there is a human in the fetal position in his stomach making an outline against his abs. Star Vores Adventures by RedMenace332. Pokemon Vore Adventures Part 1 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. This story will contain all types of vore except hard digestion. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 25. You can feel the liquid contents of your stomach weighing you down, preventing escape as Momo reveals her crack. However, if you are using a work/school computer and are not an Admin, you don't need to tick py launcher, which requires Administrative. Pokemon Vore-Mance 2 by Brony4Eva928, literature. She looked up to see by far the cutest pokemon she had ever …. A Charizard! The big dragon grins down at you as you shift and struggle slightly in the grip of his large claws, your footpaws dangling a short distance above the ground. The Lugia stares at you in anger as it approaches you; you're defenseless without your charizard, you have to get to your bag somehow to defend yourself from this powerful pokemon. Content that wouldn't be appropriate to be seen by acquaintances walked past. The attributes with a light blue b are Boolean. It was brightly lit and very big, but the stands were completely empty. 99 The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game. You stare at the Arcanine You have the following choices: 1. After over six months in development, I'm happy to finally release an alpha of Gineb: A Vore Text Adventure. A4A] Pokemon, action/adventure, potentially long. Your Pokemon Adventure With Wolfie by TastyAce. PREDATOR'S SICKNESS (PRE ALPHA)$1. This is a place of predator and prey. Sylveon Vore Story Warning: This contains vore! by the way The English maybe bad when you read. Like when describing a vagina, use the exact anatomical terms like the vulva, clitoris, cervix, vaginal canal, etc. A lewd fetish-filled text adventure. Pokemon Conquest - Giant Warriors (made by Jackurai ) Ina & Ranmaru. There were trash cans set up in a 3 by 5 pattern and at the end of the room, guarded by. -The reason why our little guy start to travel is. Dawn, a young girl stretched peacefully, sitting on a bench. Large Snake and Child Soft Vore Story. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Vore text adventure game Pokemon. It has been ten years since the Minimus shrinking virus swept across the world in a global pandemic. Loosely inspired by a classic fairy tale. You are sometimes a coward and try not to get much attention but you also are brave, if you have to be. Most have a willing and unwilling option. Also, this fic will be following the story based on the different games in the series, NOT the anime. After some struggling, Snorlax brought itself back up and landed on Mr. You snuggle a bit in your thick sleeping bag, trying to get comfortable. All games here are either playable in your web browser, or as an app for your smartphone or tablet. In the rectum view you can drag the prey outside the anus to shit them out. Text adventure games by InvalidQuery. The one pokemon you carry that did not suffer from your last fight is your Charizard; whom is your strongest pokemon. Interactive Stories are "choose your own ending" stories started by an Author and continued by any Writing. There's lots of stuff around, like toys, books, etc; but their description is often just the. Leaf returned to the Saffron City gym filled with hope. Giovanni was down to his last pokemon, but he knew it was his strongest. Com writers have created thousands of stories! Adult, Erotica, Action/Adventure. Hopefully it is still good and people enjoy it. Hello, everyone! We have a major update to Escape the Neighborhood today! I have finished converting all of the furry scenes and descriptions to a human version for my Human Tier patrons. Leaf threw the Vore Ball which made a direct hit and enclosed the popular pokemon inside it. In 2, 3, or 4 view, use WASD or arrow keys to move camera around. Pokémon Go is great for adventures on your feet, but just like the original Game Boy games, having a bike makes everything better. ) This adventure is played out like a sandbox where you can interact with whoever you want, playing the predator or the prey to your preference. Characters Requested for The Dare. You never felt that great that felt right now. Any request ? Don't hesitate To do : fire starter, water starter and their evolutions. "With a Zoroark here, things will be interesting. While your pokemon rest, you decided to take a stroll through the great outdoors. The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance: You are at the zoo during springtime, when the animals are giving birth and are horny. This is my first interactive story: Our story begins as our protagonist (you) are sucked into a world by a spacial vortex thingy where you are surrounded by hungry pokémon, all wanting you for lunch, hopefully you'll be able to reason with them or outrun them to avoid becoming poké-chow. Collect tokens and try to escape!. Aside from its relatively short length and low difficulty, the game also features a "tutorial voice" that gives you. A Pokemon (Vore) Adventure: It's a Meganium!. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 9 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. “So you wanna lose again, huh?” teased the lieutenant “Hope you’re ready for a date in Raichu’s belly again. This is the link if you want …. It is actually rather common for the winner of a battle to devour the loser as their reward. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy make an addition! The creator of this Interactive Story. It is again a micro/macro vore escape game. It was a quiet day in Cerulean City, and in the Cerulean Gym all was quiet as well until. The “Minecraft” Pixelmon mod combines the building and creative elements of “Minecraft” with the adventure and collecting elements of “Pokémon”. Watch Pokémon Video Game, Trading Card Game, and Animation content, along with special features, and event highlights right here on the official Pokémon YouT. Hi all! Thanks for playing my text Adventure. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The AI blocks commonly used slang like pussy but does not block specific anatomical terms. David brings some friends to a jungle full of creatures that can swallow you whole. At the end of each chapter, readers are given a few plot choices and must choose the direction of the story. There's a lot of spelling errors and run on sentences. Explore the Pokemon vore and peril collection - the favourite images chosen by CJLover on DeviantArt. One character teaches/encourages the other to engage in vore. 5 out of 5 stars (71 total ratings) Visual Novel. She stepped into the gym, which looked rather odd. io, the indie game hosting marketplace The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game. I was a young female girl, I had always wanted a pokemon and I had always wanted to become a trainer. TheUpperDiamond updated DEATH PENALTY: A Game about Escaping Death Row 25 days ago. Find Downloadable NSFW games tagged Furry and vore like Gris & Dwayne: Inside, Tinted Sands: Welcome to Swirling Paw Point, THETA - A Vore Text Adventure, Space Quest For The Perfect Pred (Demo), Fox Hole on itch. 1) by ChemicalCrux (MF?/Player and Player/MF?) (Oral/Anal/Cock/Unbirth/Other Vore) - Browser-Based. Leaf had finished healing her pokemon at the Indigo League when she noticed a familiar face walk out of the gates. (I just want to add some future paw stuff :P) This game contains: Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Unbirth, Absorption, Stomps (Crushing no more), Endo, Digestion, Cock Vore, and Macro/Micro. Pokemon trainer with some futa Pokemon! Work in Progress. A simple Pokémon Giantess Interactive. "The clients will be in for a surprise," the Sylveon muses to himself. A Word of Caution: While I generally dislike the practice of content warnings of this sort, in this case it seems justified. After a lot of planning, Leaf had picked a team to face the elite four with. After getting past the tree blocking the gym, thanks to Meowth’s cut, Leaf was ready to fight Lt. A Unity 3d vore-centric game! Isometric puzzle-platforming adventure game. A Predator's Beginnings">Vored Alive. This is a NSFW vore text game commissioned by Zather Nevort. You ride your bike into the city looking for a trainer to fight. Rpg text adventure games Play free rpg text adventures online Categories. It's already pretty big and being able to recruit potential prey gives it replay value. Rules: -All types of vore allowed. The Pokemon there are into BDSM and vore. While in the typhlosion’s belly is bloated with what seems like 2 people in there. there was a loud deafening *GULP* in the empty gym. Farmyard Anal Vore 979 story chapters ; Shrunk / Giantess in Fiction! 1,772 story chapters ; Pokemon Weight Gain Journey 1,891 story chapters ; Reptile Anal Vore 165 story chapters ; My Antro Pokemon Weight Gin and Inlation 33 story chapters. It's mostly same-size, but there is some of macro/micro thrown in, as well as a variety of other fetishes, such as transformation and paws. There is also Vohr Island, an area dedicated to vore content, albeit currently limited. Life Choices (A Vore Read). Campground Tour - Pokemon Vore Audio FULL TOUR Salazzle. scenes 6 of which are micro/macro, heavy digestion, 1 of which is willing and only encounterable on light digestion), and a whole map revamp with lots of flavor text to run into. Which is why I made you your favorite…". Play “Blueberry in Myto City” Here The game’s page on Eka’s SYNOPSIS: You are Blueberry the Slime, a carefree young blob who’s spent her …. Pokemon A Different Way | Pokemon Ultimate Vore Game. Some Pokemon can talk also but make sure there are no. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 27 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy make an addition! The creator of this Interactive Story provides this. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 32. Find NSFW games tagged vore like EVORIA - A Stuffing/Vore Themed RPG, Vessel Tactics, Unknown Adventure [UA], Deeper Club - A vore life!, Project: G. The available color and texture styles for that font will appear. The attributes with a green S are strings of text, just type stuff there and you should be good. Welcome to my interactive Story. Giovanni was able to escape but thanks to their efforts, the Mayor was safe and offered his congratulations. A vore adventure beyond the stars. As it was specifically created for first-time interactive fiction players, The Dreamhold is an excellent way to get acquainted with this genre. In a Middle Eastern bazaar, a man buys a small sculpture for his girlfriend, unaware of the power that it possesses. You enjoy your walk until you bumped into something. Transformation for fun and profit! Blue Fairy Media Games. io">Top NSFW games tagged Furry and vore. Review for The Safari Zone {SFW Vore Game} 29 Mar 2020. Snowy Night (soft vore) by Gamer Dog. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 13(Digestion/Disposal. Find NSFW games tagged Furry and vore like Unknown Adventure [UA], The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game, Super Fatty Office Simulator, Predatory Pursuit, Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined on itch. You like vore games? By GamingUmbreon, He just made a vore text adventure game, just a preview though!, that he’s been working on available for the public today! Here’s a link to his post and everything you need to know about the game: https:. Track down a wild beast on the moors of England in this remaster of the classic ZX Spectrum text-adventure. 03 the introduction to the farm is completed, you can meet all the farm characters! This update is a little more simple than some of the previous ones, but it adds 7 new pieces of art and three new vore scenes. Pokemon Lab Experiment - Play online at textadventures. Leaf was teleported in front of Silph Co. I woke up sluggishly, opening my eyelids to see the happy face of Vaporeon. Delectable is a vorish text adventure with a word count that is over 250k, and it is still growing! (Kind of like your hungry boyfriend, ahem. There, standing in the center of the stadium, was a person with many. Sadly many young children where never seen again. Do you have thoughts of grues whenever you're stumbling around in the dark? Do you own a Kindle? Then you'll want to try out PortableQuest, a text-based game engine made specifically for Kindles and any classic-game-loving nerds who own the. The Test of Giantess Endo (WIP, v. After another six months in developer, Gineb: A Vore Text Adventure 0. A community interactive for all things Pokémon and vore! Please login The action you have requested requires. that you be logged in to your FREE. This is a nsfw furry text adventure. That said, my points of critique are that it could use a proofreader. Voronica Goes to Town: a Vore Adventure$13. , , Back a Chapter · Back to the Beginning. This choice: Shaymin · Go Back Chapter #3. Tristle County (Vore Text Adventure). Dawn was traveling through the region with her two friends, Ash and Brock, in order to become a great Pokémon Coordinator, like her mother. The ability to vore enemies is sort of the backtracking reward, since you're unlikely to be able to do that successfully when you first get there. Littleroot town's resident wild child was out on a job, more to the point outside checking out a group of Nincada that had made a nest near the woods routes outside Littleroot town. Didn't think I would get this out so soon, but here it is!. Sex and vore at a Disney themed adventure park. If not, you can find the latest installer here. AI Dungeon 2 isn’t exactly a polished game, but more of a passion project from developer Nick Walton. One plesent afternoon a Vaporeon was waking up from a nice and long nap from underwater. The yellow hair boy, Kenny is a reasonable person and wants to become a trainer. Momo looks down as she licks her lips. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. With his head tilted back, Marsha could simply let his meal slide down his throat with the aid of gravity. “You know what I’ve been telling you. Dark Woods by Void Director. Few things to note about this Text Adventure: -All vore scenes involving the player are endo -Exploration is only limited to the Castle -This is a complete casual vore dating simulation with a narrative story that describes the world around you -The Player is identified as a Human Male (I don't really plan on make a customizable player as this i. Once the game has been completely written, it may be re-categorised. A little Pokemon searches for it's destiny. I don't know exactly where we're going, I'm kinda still waiting it out, so I'll just go ahead and link every profile I have right now. She and her friends have a vore and/or endo fetish, so be sure …. You go on a Pokemon adventure with your friend Wolfie! But things don't go exactly how you plan. Community Details A Pokemon (Vore) Adventure by Seki Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · # 1768426 A little Pokemon searches for it's destiny. Mature Content] r/Vore on Reddit: {request} Text …. for ages after he destroied her's and …. It was a beautiful day in the Sinnoh region. the building where Blue and Red were fighting Team Rocket. Suddenly a Black Serpent rose from the bushes. (3) Review for A Pokemon Vore Adventure. The pretty eeveeolution giggled. Find games tagged Furry, NSFW and vore like Unknown Adventure [UA], The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game, Predatory Pursuit, Bare Backstreets (V 0. io -or- pledging $10 on my Patreon. Add The Next Chapter! Add the next chapter to "Vore for Pokemon". Published: 2021-12-16 17:40:01. Com member, please fill out our online registration form. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 16 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. To do so, you must face dozens of monsters head-on, risking being devoured at …. In the middle of the night, River tosses and turns in sleep. 64a/Complete) by Noone (MF?/Player and Player/MF?) (Oral Vore) - Browser-based/Flash required Feast Redone (Version 0. It's mostly same-size, but there is a bit of macro/micro thrown in as well. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 21. 18+ Furry Metroidvania (NSFW) Jasonafex. He was currently regaling a crowd with embarrassing stories about her. trapped in a world where hungry pokémon eat their trainers , trapped in a world where hungry pokémon eat their trainers Please assume this story MAY contain graphic language, sexually explicit text, violence and/or any other displeasing topic you can or. Hello, hello! I had a wonderful time working Parkside, the vore text adventure game featuring six wonderful preds! It was initially going to be just a singular version, but, after a handful of comments asking about adding their own characters in, and the fact that I see potential for it getting fleshed out a big more, I have decided to open Update 1!. It does work on all Systems, the program itself is browser based and should be played in a browser that has java script installed. Many vore enemies make use of the Bound States game mechanic. Have a nice vorish meal or become a meal yourself. Hope to add more attractions in the future. You spot a young boy around the age of 8 from what you can tell of him. Koga was taken aback by Leaf’s figure. Trapped by a magic plush toy who is following them and treating them like a baby, they have to find the way out before the plush and everything else in the daycare manage to regress them. Belly Fantasy RPG with Bellies and food! Selena Belly Play. Now it will be possible for me to enter the human versions of scenes as I add new scenes and features! In addition, I have edited quite a few of the scenes in. Find games tagged Furry, NSFW and vore like PokéVore Dungeons - Demo, The Chronicles of Nom, The Chronicles of Nom 2: Nomnesia, Unknown Adventure [UA], Tinted Sands: Welcome to Swirling Paw Point on itch. What is RPG Playground? The easiest way to design your own Role Playing Games. Мы хотели бы показать здесь описание, но сайт, который вы просматриваете, этого не позволяет. If you want your oc to take part in a vore scenario, tell me if you want him/her to be predator, prey, or let me decide based off of the character and story circumstances. Most endings feature variations on F -> F anthro cow transformation, but semiferal is also present. Work in Progress text adventure games. A different kind of Visual Novel. This is a repost because the commissioner wished to remain anonymous Link to the commission: …. A nice pokemon adventure that was pretty well written. The Arcanine then You have the following choices: 1. uk is a community of interactive fiction game makers and players. He was opening her mouth and licking her lips repeatedly. This is a vore game with a dog and a bear. Latest NSFW games tagged Furry and vore. A Pokemon (Vore) Adventure: A Family of 'Chus. A vore eroge merging SRPG gameplay and Gacha simulation! Cyrk. Play; Create; Forums; Help! Register Log in. Welcome to the World of Pokemon. Pokemon vore (male preds only) Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. It will be a text-adventure, much like other titles on FA like ‘The Hotel’, and alongside lots and lots of. Gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books. You are taking a stroll in a quiet forest to enjoy the pristine natural sights around you. Maybe i will try to get some pictures next time. Focused on using its text, moreso than its visuals or audio, to tell the bulk of its story/plot. Pokemon Vore text adventure textadventure sfw. When hitting it by resting, clicking rest again after. Summon an old and forgotten god to have a chance at change. Find games tagged Furry, NSFW and vore like PokéVore Dungeons - Demo, The Chronicles of Nom, The Chronicles of Nom 2: Nomnesia, Tinted Sands: Welcome to Swirling Paw Point, THETA - A Vore Text Adventure on itch. And, as such, I will post what I failed to do the first time, to clarify things. I smiled and offered a friendly "Hello there". Leaf tapped her shoulder to try to wake her up to no avail so she had Vulpix use roar on her. This is a modified version of the Twine version of Noone's Fatty Text Adventure Game (which you can find here: https://noone-fa. While it may be missable, it isn't difficult to find it. How about one of these two? You have the following choices: 1. You yawned long and deep, slowly awakening from a deep slumber. You begin as an amnesiac captive of the Lab looking for an escape, and later return to investigate the deeper floors. Latest free NSFW games tagged vore. She checked her map to confirm she was on the Seafoam islands. Leaf decided to celebrate her adventure by having a beach picnic with her pokemon. The blue hair boy, Thomas is a lovable person who loves Pokemons and wants to …. Tell your friend to drink it and you swallow him whole. io">Jason's Epic Vore Adventure by optional. A Game of Choices [vore] Sandpit. Twi's head pokes out of her throat, and she immediately grabs you. When Leaf told it to use bite, he mistook his own tail for Starmie, damaging himself in the process. 8K Views interactive adventure animals anthros fiction game monsters questionsandanswers vore It's that time again, vore fans. “Weird that there’s a Pokemon Center in …. She swam up to the water surface seeing nothing but the peaceful island conneted with the calm‚lapping ocean. Works with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista. This section is inspired by a great storyline from the lost interactives involving a sacred temple. You go in to the school where you shrink and have adventures. Pokemon Vore Adventures Part 34(haha like rule 34). Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks!. Sandpit In this game, you play as a trainer visiting a safari zone in hopes of cathing some new pokemon. You are found by a dragon in the wilderness, and must obey it's every whim This is an interactive story. speedybolt Prey and Pred Night Fury 4 years ago. Hello! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: City Dwellers has been rolling around in my mind for a while, and it’s starting to come into fruition! I. Survive the vermin holiday of Voar Day! A Furry Vore Text Adventure. -Vore -Unbirth -Digestion ==Will Soon Included== -Anal Vore -Hard Vore -Human Giantess (For More Info On This Go To ~~~Info~~~) -Full Tour -Cock Vore -Sex ==Will Never Include== -Scat (Why Would I Do That) ==Features== -Inventory -Health -Escaping ==Up And Coming Features== -Money (Still Trying It Out It Keeps Getting An Error). Libre Lunchtime ; POKEMON VORE AUDIO. You are a Lugia- the legendary master of the skies, lord of the seas, and terrorizer of the local lands. I plan to make some text games with pictures later, though. New & popular free NSFW games tagged vore. Your spirit has found its way here, to the Dark Woods. Vore on Reddit: {request} Text adventures ">. Quest Text adventure games by PoiYo. Pokemon vore digestion text game adventure Fang Snek Serperior Natasha Sylveon Lillie Pikachu Libre Rosie Raichu Pixie Pichu Lonnel Slowking. Content Warning: Nonsexual Vore Previous: Bad Dream - brain3times3 "There's no way! People can't just eat other people!" "I'm tellin' the truth!" Carrie stomped her foot. Sky's Meal for Marsha (Pokemon Vore). It slowly came back into your mind. Lastly, enjoy yourself within the campus. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. io">Top games tagged NSFW and vore. Queen Kyobi Explore the world of Giantess Pokemon Trainer's. Leaf had entered the mysterious Pokemon Mansion. 21 Demo) A neighborly vore game. Be careful not to become their plaything! Shady Corner. We were under the bridge still, and it was about noon. On Linux: Extract the zip file to wherever you want and add the execute permission the "Game" file in the folder. Catching a pokemon or running into a permanent vore scene will …. A first-time pred who suddenly discovers your ability. 0 alpha, Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined, The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game on itch. Welcome to NomCon, a vore based convention with a plethora of panels and attendees to meet and feast! Or, more accurately - feast upon you! NomCon is a text adventure game, set in a fictional convention where vorish activities are welcomed and safe, thanks to a complimentary reformation system. There are two AI models, dubbed 'Griffin' and 'Dragon'. Normally she wasn’t allowed to have more than six, but so long as …. Struggle Simulator by Nomaaaaa. The game primarily focuses on player-as-prey vore. With the desktop version of Quest, you can create and play text adventures games on your Windows PC, even without an internet connection. TheUpperDiamond updated Gilui & Orima: A Text-Based Comedic Adventure 25 days ago. He says to himself,“Where am I? Is this a memory of sorts?" He looks around confused as the dream went on. Pokemon vore adventures part 8 by hyhyd, literature. You can choose a different color and font style for each line of text. Tristle County (Vore Text Adventure) By TNTc4 , posted 4 years ago ARL-Snek | Support me with Shinies! Play it here https://textadventures. There was a shout of “Boo!” that made the female Eevee leap backwards in shock and surprise, inadvertently fumbling up against the soft body of the electric mouse’s belly. A game where you have choices that leave you as a predator, prey, friend, and more. Hello could I maybe get help figuring out what level of stats I need to get to? I've tried putting the pred level to 2 and before that 3 but in both cases I still lose this plus the game making my hands hurt from mashing the controls to struggle leaves me feeling frustrated as I want to enjoy the game but I'm tired of only getting 1 Sp per attempt I'd do the dice game with the …. The animated vore life-sim! Heedless. A game where a monster finds and eats you. A text or visual description is required, and the description must preferably be as detailed as you can make it. 8 which you can DL from the Quest site here (url). Pokemon Vore Adventures part 27. Let's see whether am I right or not) views: 94 comments : 37 (+3) = 40 = that's way better than what I expected :D (~16%) why ? 25 for rps 8 for my personality (fun, good , etc. He’s harnessed the power of a state-of-the-art, open-source text generation system built. Top games tagged giantess. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy make an addition!. The gist of the game is that you're a small prey creature stuck on a cruise ship full of predator daddies, just trying to get through one last night before you disembark. Add The Next Chapter! You may now login and add the next chapter to Vore for Pokemon. It doesn't personally effect me, so long as the ruling on vore stands, but I'd still prefer to go somewhere else, I think. I'll put a name and possible link to the games will not be in numbering from the best to the worst, I'm just putting it in numerical form, are games that recommend you play, I will not be updating links to the most current version of the game so you will have to look for more current versions if you want. Tags: gay, vore, teasing ____ It is framed as outside of the story, but about it, with the dashes clearly separating it. Features various monster girls. You also could walk to the west. Tick the box that says Add Python to PATH during installation. NOMCON : YCH Vore Text Adventure. A sorta point-and-click furry text adventure game centered around stuffing/expansion! noone_fa. In this vore text adventure game, you play as a new predator still in training, practicing to reach the top of the food chain! Explore the world, solve puzzles, uncover the mysteries of the small town of Nowille and, most importantly: treat your stomach to a wide variety. Here’s how I built the ultimate Poké. This game is restricted to players aged 18 or over. A twist of fate leads to you meeting a bizarre creature (Rasa) with extraordinary powers -- and he threatens to eat you if you don't cooperate with his unstoppable vore rampage. In this vore text game, you play as a predator who has recently moved from their hometown and now lives close to many friends who used to be too far away. (Be as descriptive as you would like) -Dogs are the only thing allowed. Your main goal is to stop a tribe with your Zeraora friend, Roy. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 14. ______________________________________________________________________. No more obstacles ( Vore ) hunter2020pw. I felt like making a giantess sandbox text adventure heavily focused on body exploration and endo. You go up to him and challenge him to a pokemon battle. And one more thing - the teachers can't know. With just one swallow he makes it halfway up Sky, leaving just his legs kicking helplessly in the air. - Over 150k words! - Over 80 different vore scenes! - Vore - Anal Vore - Cock Vore - Unbirth - Weird Alternative Vore - Full Tour - Lewdness - Micro - Macro - Object …. Mime replied with Psychic, managing to knock Snorlax onto his back. She turns around, grabbing hold of her bulbous hips as you pant on the floor. You must be logged in to post a comment. That said, what fun is there in just being spoon fed everything?. Pokemon Vore: A mighty Misty meal. If you don't like the vore, then go your own way, you won't like what you find in it. An 8000 word interactive for Fensmer. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 22. Pokémon vore interactive: Vaporeon. It was a peaceful night and you were surprised that it. They always cheered me up when I was upset, especially my beloved Arcanine. Games like The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game Related tags: Interactive Fiction Furry Gay Multiple Endings Related platforms: Voronica Goes to Town: a Vore Adventure. Will it find Glory or a belly to rest? This is an interactive story. Sep 18, 2015 1 min read Add to Favourites By xxxkilledxx Published: Sep 18, 2015 5 Favourites Comments 13. However, she found this to be false as she ran headfirst into an …. Find games tagged abdl like Dimal city (ABDL/Diaper friendly city), mikey y sus problemas con pañales, ABDL Dating Sim, Baby Dreams on itch. A Sauropod Supper - Dinosaur Oral Vore Audio. More information Development log. 1104247-Agent-69-and-the-Invisibility-Potion 1304258-A-Pokemon-Vore-Story. We have the base convention and some panels, as well as a bustling food court. You can either work there or be a visitor. File type: Text File The Safari Zone (SFW Vore Text Advenrue Commission) By Aragvel_Chroma_dragon, posted 2 years ago Weird Artist/Writer. But before it could wiggle a third time, the Pikachu broke free, this time more agitated by Leaf’s actions. Depending on who goes to get snacks, Abumi soon finds himself either in a predator's belly or rubbing it! What a predicament. In the new game I'll try and include : vore abilities for the player , pictures , characters you want, just request them , and more buttons/menus. New furry merch company, launching 10/20!! by makar-ro. An agent of justice trying to put an end to this corruption. (Besides the human) -Character can be male or female. One day Fred (you), 18, six feet tall, brown hair,are going to your sister Anne who is a 12 year old blonde girl who goes to St. To do so, you must face dozens of monsters head-on, risking being devoured at every turn. 0 (A HALLOWEEN VORE TEXT GAME!) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!, This is going to be the year that you will never forget, venture out through the wilderness, avoid dangers, and do not get eaten by any creatures, it's the survival of the fittest on. 1: Fixed you being able to escape Jennica after saying yes. An epic adventure: one of the top ten interactive fictions of all time. DDV #84 - Welcome Litten! PingTheHungryFox. 8K Views Last post by awsomesause2 7:00 PM - Aug 31 2023-06-16T04:54. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 28 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. The forum probably needs a pinned post somewhere about how to run windows games on mac hardware, but I don’t think I’m the person to write it - I use VirtualBox, but not really for games. Leaf entered the Fuschia City gym and saw the gym leader, Koga standing in the middle, with nothing between her and him. There are also a selection of smaller 'Micro Games' to peruse at your leisure :) All our games are currently 18+ only, as they all contain erotic scenes. The game is rather small, but that's good since the first game I wanted to make was too big and complex for me to complete reasonably. You were enjoying yourself when suddenly, a strange feeling. I was a trainer out on my pokemon adventure, out exploring the various fields, meadows, caves, and whatnot all across the region. Anal Vore Interactive Stories. Members who added to this interactive. Follow us on Facebook Follow @TextAdv. You will assume the role of a kobold, and try to survive in a hostile medieval fantasy world. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck. Lena grumbled, blindly shoving away a leaf that had fallen on her face. Fatty Text Adventure Game now exists in a non-flash format! Bad news! I have no idea how well it will actually work! So temper your expectations. And now a word from our sponsor. NOMCON Version 3 : a vore text adventure OPEN. Games like Camping consumption. Text game 2 by xxxkilledxx on DeviantArt. You can have other Pokemon or humans introduced later if you so desire, but the main focus should be on a starter! --Fetishes-- Recommended/My favorites: 18+/NSFW (You know what I mean!), Oral vore, unbirth, anthro, unwilling prey, weight gain, no digestion, licking, breastfeeding, futa/cock vore, and doms (either pred or prey). “You know what I’ve been telling …. Be vague as well as extremely specific. com/ace_tasty ), or on Discord at TastyAce#6678. Those larger than you will try to devour you. Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Pixelmon Play? This popular Minecraft mod allows players to catch and train Pokemon in a virtual world. Leaned into your hand, letting you pet it. Rasa is a vore text adventure game. Find games tagged NSFW and vore like PokéVore Dungeons - Demo, The Chronicles of Nom, The Chronicles of Nom 2: Nomnesia, Unknown Adventure [UA], Prelude to Enormity on itch. Not to ruin the celebration but I’ve already found a pretty big glitch, if you use the stretchy fruit and get stuffed and when the effect wears off you reach zero health cause of overstuffing, what happens is the game treats you like you’re in a dying state but doesn’t play the event for it, not a huge deal until I realized that the inventory button was gone …. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 14 by hyhyd on DeviantArt. Jason's Epic Vore Adventure by optional. Contains: vore anal vore cock vore unbirth micros object swallowing fatal and nonfatal willing and unwilling bad puns _____ if you're playing and you're stuck, ask me for help. I have some private work I am fiddling with, …. That means that anyone who has reached Trust Level 1 (which you can get from basically reading stuff on the forum, I think) can edit it and add a game (or several) to this OP - it doesn’t even have to be your own game. · Go Back Chapter #6 You rest peace fully. Azulookami writes a bunch of linear-ish text adventures but the quality varies and not all of them have vore. A young Pokémon living with family and friends. It's got around 350,000 words of content right now, translating to about 50 hours of vorish gameplay! The game primarily focuses on player-as-prey vore. “You have one hour to catch as many as you can, maybe you’ll even get the special pokemon. Find games tagged Erotic and vore like Deeper Club - A vore life!, Vessel Tactics, Project: G. David's Group Vore Adventure by RedMenace332. Blue was almost surprised to find Leaf here, seeing as they hadn’t seen each other since the Rocket takeover in Saffron City. I've been working on several text-based browser games revolving around macro/micro and vore. You'll get a copy of the full walkthrough upon purchasing the game on itch. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 10. Here, for your consideration, is the latest public update for The Lab. com/-----🖌️ Early Access To My Comics Below 🖌️ https://www. Firstly I'd like to say a big, big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday back on the 22nd! It really meant a lot to me, you all remind me how lucky I am to be a part of such a community. Will it find Glory or a belly to rest? A little Pokemon searches for it's destiny. There are rules for this story: There should be no licking or chewing as it is very gross. Your Pokemon have been through a lot on this journey. Suddenly, the grass around the camp began to rustle. Most text adventures I've played focus on exploring a defined space, going back and forth, looking at every interactable object, and solving puzzles to open more of the world or progress the story. Note - This game only features M/M content with themes of hypnosis, transformation and corruption. There's plenty of vore, yes, but just as much rich story woven deep within. Welcome to Pokemon Daycare! This started out as a much larger project about 9 years ago, and it was originally just meant to be text-based only. As might guessed it already it's about Pokemon and what's even better about it, there is a lot of our all time favorite topic Vore. Although if you're not into that kind of thing. NomCon is a text adventure game, set in a fictional convention where vorish activities are welcomed and safe, thanks to a complimentary reformation system. M/M Vore Text Adventure 1, 2 by HiddenDarkHM » Thu Feb 16, 2023 12:53 am 29 Replies 3817 Views Last post by HiddenDarkHM Tue Oct 17, 2023 5:35 am Redwood's Pokemon Sanctuary (Soft Vore Text Adventure!) by Xecxciic » Fri Jul 16, 2021 1:18 am 5 Replies 3461 Views Last post by Xecxciic. You travel faster, you can carry more stuff, and it’s a shitload of fun. You go on hunts with your tribe and catch tasty meals for yourself in the forest. Leaf entered the Viridian Gym, digestion giovanni nidoqueen pokemon vore leafpokemon. " Some of the pokemon mumble about the umbreons …. Whenever I would get home after a tedious day of school, I was always greeted by him tackling and licking me happily. You hear the random rustling of leaves in the wind. With all eight badges in tow, and a team of 19 pokemon. Pokemon Vore Adventures Part 33. A story of forbidden love blossoms when two siblings find themselves living together for the first time. 00) By The-Lab-Vore-Game Published: Aug 1, 2019 Favourites 2 Comments 18. Without further ado, let's begin! Ch1: Delia. A young adult Pokémon, trying to eat without being eaten. An adult action-adventure game with a large-breasted elf adventurer protagonist. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: City Dwellers Announcement. Jolteon cringed from the terrible taste, but kept swallowing, enjoying the Primeape struggling in their belly as she swallowed his toes. Select a style by clicking on it, and press the "Create" button to update your text using. It's mostly same-size, but there is some of macro/micro thrown in, as well as a variety of other fetishes, such as …. NomCon - A Vore Text Adventure "-Side" Vore Games; Misc. I found Quest – the text adventure creator that enabled me to just go ahead and create what was bubbling inside me. Find games tagged Erotic and vore like Vessel Tactics, Deeper Club - A vore life!, The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game, Project: G. Gallade Big Belly: I'm Your Father by LucarioJen. They started with Charmeleon and Voltorb, the two pokemon going back and forth until the fire lizard took. FurAffinity ~ Telegram ~ Steam ~. Greetings everyone, a new release of Three Days to Port is ready! In version 0. Introduction! Nugget is a somewhat difficult, yet somewhat short turn …. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · # 1768426. But; = There is a few scenes of butt expansion or a long scene. In this text adventure, you play as an adult anthropomorphic wolf that wakes up in an alternate reality after going to their local daycare for a job interview. Setting 4: Contains both anthro and normal Pokémon. uk/ THETA - A Vore Text Adventure. CW: Vore, Butt Crush, face sitting, Musk, Sweat, Absorption, Burps, Gas, mind break, body possession DEC 23: Update 0. Leaf went up to the person guarding the Safari Zone gate and asked for one round of catching. Battle through plenty of unique enemies while avoiding turning into a huge dumb cow. Usually containing sexual themes, content or more. Inspired by Asura's long-standing mission to. Com">Vore for Pokemon: The Adventure Begins. A user can catch Pokémon, battle trainers, or explore the Pixelmon world using the mod. Rated: XGC · Interactive · Erotica · # 2029451. She had trained with her pokemon and came up with a strategy to beat Sabrina’s team. There's 2 new rides, 9 more endings, 7 misc. Setting 3: Anthropomorphic Pokémon in a civilized world, no humans or normal Pokémon. Pokemon Vore World – RPG Playground. A Vorish Twine Text Adventure. Shifter Labs 3: Fools Gold FREE DEMO. A normal school day (conatins vore) This game was added to the Sandpit for the following reason: Incomplete. Here, young trainers capture and train teams of Pokémon to do battle, win fame and fortune, and perhaps to sate some curiosities as well. FARM VORE 100 story chapters ; Endowments Enlarge to the Extreme 3,581 story chapters ; Little sister's truth or dare 1,014 story chapters ; Anthro Girlfriend 316 story chapters ; Expansive Adventures in Pentagram City 130 story chapters ; The Growing Waistlines of Vivzie's Hell 21 story chapters ; Ben 10 Gwen Expansion 274 story chapters. This choice: more · Go Back Chapter #9. This game features the following: - Character creation to. Find NSFW games tagged breast-expansion like White Russian [Public Release], Para Ark, Cowtastic Cafe, Research Station M-00, Dungeon of the Devourer on itch. Note: This game does feature digestion! Changelog: 10/18/19 -Added Wurmple (OV, belly. Pokemon Vore Adventures part 11. What giant pokemon did you bump into? 1. Survive the vermin holiday of Voar Day! TheGreyCoincidence. Want a game like this one? Contact …. Literature Text (Before I start this is a planned story unlike the milk thief. You will face many trials and tribulations before the end, and your life will not be an easy one. Be primarily a Pred and devour almost any character. Trainers who are eaten by other trainers will be revived.